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Deluxe Water Wow Pads Offer More Challenge And More Fun To Preschoolers and Kindergarteners


91Wl4b-x3nL._SX425_.jpgMy clients and colleagues know how much I love the original Water Wow books.  They are reusable and mess-free fun for kids at home, at the doctor’s office, the restaurant and the plane ride.  These bigger books are going to be even more fun for preschool kids and kindergarteners!

Here are some great reasons why I love these books:

  • They have more pages, and more pages means they keep kids busy (and happy) longer.
  • They offer more detail and more challenge.  The graphics inspire critical thought (Is this a silly thing to find in the supermarket or not?) and the red lens that looks like a magnifying glass makes kids feel like Sherlock Holmes as they search for secret items.
  • There are mazes, hidden items and pages where kids can compare two almost-identical pictures and find the anomalies.  It is more than just wiping water on a picture.
  • Like the originals, the pages dry quickly and can be used over and over.  It seems like kids would get bored after the first run-through, but children can enjoy the “reveal” and the sensory play of water on a page for a long time after they have solved all the puzzles.  If you are at 30K feet and your kid is getting restless, this could buy you a bit of time without having to resort to screens that they will insist on for the rest of the (expensive) trip.  Genius.
  • Oh, and the pen is easy to grasp, and it develops a mature pencil grasp with repeated use.  Yeah!

I think these would be terrific holiday gifts.  If you are looking for more gift ideas, read Automoblox: For the Discriminating Preschool Gearhead and Melissa And Doug Tape Activity Book Is Reusable Fun for some other good toys that build skills while having fun!

Your Best Pre-Writing Activities List: Target Key Skills And Have Fun!

The school year is coming up fast, and parents are wondering what skills their preschoolers are going to need.  Finding fun things to do with the rest of the summer that actually build skills, not just entertain the troops, isn’t easy, even for occupational therapists.  Here are my current favorites:

  1. Bring out the scissors and the Kumon Paper Playtime books.  Check out my post on both the best safe scissors   Lakeshore Scissors for Toddlers That Only Cut the Paper, Not the Toddler and these amazingly fun books.   Kumon Learn to Cut Books: Paper Truly Worth Snipping Up  Your child gets the chance to build two-handed coordination, visual-perceptual skills, manipulation of tape or glue (tape is my fave; no drying time).  Pricey, but totally worth it when you follow my instructions for wresting every penny of value out of these terrific books.
  2. LEGOs and PlusPlus building toys.  LEGOs, whether the DUPLO version or the tiny ones, make great creations that inspire imaginative, language-based play if you ask kids to go there.  Create a story about what the characters are doing, build them garages, hideouts, etc.  PlusPlus  Plus Plus Toy Review: This Toy Can Make Your Child Turn Off The Tablet allows kids to make 3-D creations as well, and you can choose between the large and the small size.  They are less detailed than LEGOs, so sometimes kids need some help to focus on what they are building ( house or airplane?) but we always like kids to direct their own creative play if they can. Only help if they seem to give up because they can’t figure out how to get started.   Great for finger strengthening, grading grasping force and perceptual skills.
  3. Melissa and Doug coloring pages, sticker pages, Wonder Wow water pen play Water Wow: Summer Pre-writing Fun on the Road, and of course, the Tape Activity Book Melissa And Doug Tape Activity Book Is Reusable Fun.  Nice thick paper that doesn’t tear and can be cut easily, fun graphics that inspire stories, and the water pen and tape get all those fingers working!  Other than the  Water Wow series, the rest require some finger control and are appropriate for kids beginning at the 4 year-old level of coordination and perceptual skills.  Water Wow is great for the 3’s, and is fun all the way into the 5’s.  Share with your sibs, guys!

Have fun with these, and post a comment with your own favorites!!