Are you a new parent with questions about…everything?  The parent of a child with special needs?  A teacher or a therapist looking for information and ideas for your classroom or the families you serve?  If you love helping children reach their potential, then you’ll feel right at home here!

Baby Bytes is my space to share the information and ideas I have acquired in my career as a pediatric occupational therapist, licensed massage therapist, infant massage instructor, and a nationally certified Happiest Baby on the Block educator.  I have been working for over 20 years in pediatrics, and I treated adults and adolescents in physical rehab settings before I made the move to pediatrics.  Kids are amazing!  I love my work with children and their families.

Being described as an “out-of-the-box” OTR by parents online and in person, I am known for my willingness to go beyond traditional approaches to treatment.    I use a wide range of therapy approaches, rather than just an NDT or SI protocol.  I use technology eagerly, and I adapt toys and seating.  I will use whatever will advance a child’s independence and learning.  Very few occupational therapists use kineseotape, but I love to use K-tape, even for the youngest clients.  I use sound-based treatments as well.  There are so many ways that OT can impact a child’s ability to grow and learn.

My strongest clinical interest is working with children that have complex neuromuscular and sensory processing issues. My greatest joy is the look on a child’s face when they achieve a skill that they (and everyone else!) thought was impossible!  My secret weapons are my rock-solid faith in every child’s drive to grow and the depth of my experience in rehab, pediatrics, and even psychiatry.  Yes, OTs work in psychiatry, and it informs my work with children that have experienced medical trauma and their parent’s PTSD.

What Can You Expect From Baby Bytes?

When you subscribe to my blog, useful ideas and therapy strategies that aren’t discussed on the average website will drop into your inbox every week to help you and to help the children you love.

My posts on pacifiers and swaddling will help you understand how knowledge of newborn neurology can guide your success with babies.  My posts on kids with ASD and sensory processing issues take the mystery out of managing their environment and their responses.  Parents and therapists will learn how hypermobility affects all aspects of a child’s life, and what to do to make everyone’s life easier.  I have practical ideas on how to deal with difficult daily life issues like nail trimming and transitions.  My series on toilet training is a great way to get started with potty training or to keep the training going in the right direction.

If you are looking for more than blog posts:

 Please visit my website tranquil babies to learn more about my services. I provide occupational therapy treatment in the NYC area and video/phone consultations on behavior management, equipment recommendations and treatment planning.  I also do in-home lessons to teach parents and caregivers the 5 S’s of Dr. Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block for newborns.  And, of course, I do consultations on toilet training for kids with special needs.

Don’t live in the New York metro area?

You can purchase a phone/video session for personalized support.  Whether you are a parent or a new therapist, you will be able to ask questions and get meaningful answers.

And make sure you take a look at my new e-book, The Practical Guide to Toilet Training Your Child With Low Muscle Tone!

 It is available on my website tranquil babies, on Amazon, and on a wonderful site for therapy materials: Your Therapy Source.  This unique book is filled with training strategies for children with autism, children with Down, Prader-Willi and Ehlers Danlos syndromes,  as well as for children with sensory processing issues.  If you aren’t ready to train your child, and you sometimes wonder if you or your child will ever be ready, then this is the book for YOU!  Pre-training is so essential to success, especially with special needs kids! I provide clear checklists and instructions in every aspect of training. You get a clear explanation of why the sensory, motor, and social  impacts of low muscle tone are creating toileting challenges for both of you.  My e-book is available on my website tranquil babies,  on amazon.com and at your therapy source .


Families trust me to give them equipment and toy recommendations with unbiased guidance, so I don’t accept products or reimbursements for my equipment, book or toy reviews.

Take some time to search my site to find the posts that have meaning for you. Write comments about my posts, and give me your suggestions for future topics!



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